Weinan Pan

This month we interview jewellery designer Weinan Pan at her home studio in Hampstead London. Weinan’s home is an eclectic mix of hanging plants, rope swings and artefacts picked up from travels. It’s as if we have been transported out of London to a place far far away, a tranquil place for her to unwind, and a home of dreams and adventure for her children. Pan tells us of her travels across many lands and the importance of environmental contribution when creating these exquisite sculptural pieces. Like Renli, Pans eye for detail is one of a kind.

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background.

My name is Weinan Pan. I am a jewellery designer and a studio maker originally from China and now based in London.

What mediums do you use and what inspires you?

I consider sustainability of my design and production. I use recycled silver, recycled 18ct or 22ct yellow gold and precious gemstones that from reliable gem dealers who take care of the working condition of their workers. I also prefer to use reclaimed gemstones, as well as gemstones with interesting inclusions as it forms the uniqueness and character. All my materials are from local suppliers. By doing this, it reduces the carbon footprint from logistics chain and being sustainable.

Where are your favourite places to go and source inspiration?

I like to go close to nature.

My creativity is triggered by curiosity in not just the physical but also the ethereal world. On the lucky occasion of catching an ephemeral natural moment, I ty to digest and express it in my own design language. I am also enchanted by details found in nature. They are physical reminders of the passage of time and of forces that much greater than us.

It is increasingly easy to overlook the minutiae that nature offers, especially as the constant desire for faster technology, and a more extravagant material life seem foremost on the mind. After all, it takes time, patience and calmness to appreciate these phenomena. Now more than ever, the ability to slow down and appreciate moments in nature close-up provides peace and ease of mind, which is the true luxuries of our time.

Which artist or designer of the past would you like to meet?

I wish I would have the chance to meet Mr. Goro Takahashi. Being able to dedicate to one thing and carry it to the extreme in one’s life time is a blessed life.

Was there a pivotal moment you decided to become a jewellery designer?

Being a mum was the moment I understand how important to show my kids that it is never too late to give your dream a go.

Your pieces are very beautiful, can you tell us about your favourite piece you have developed so far?

Thank you very much. Although some pieces cost longer to make, such as the bone whistle’, which has 2 layers and I handmade the mechanism, Like a mum look at her own babies, I love every single piece of my handmade jewellery as each of them is a unique individual.

Can you tell us about the process of making your jewellery, how do you know when piece is finished?

My creativity always started from live-drawing in nature. This process makes sure that I catch the most authentic and organic forms and details for my design development. From the live drawing I will start generating design ideas and pick up these I feel most drawn to for sample making. My jewellery involved traditional goldsmithing techniques like carving, hammering, fusing, oxidisation etc. as well as some experimentation methods which I have developed in my 2 years MA Design study in Central St. Martin. I got Distinetion of my MA study, and I am a short listed artist of Tiffany & Co Studio Makers Prize. My works have been translated in 6 different languages and have been exhibited worldwide.

I only finish a piece when it woos me! Sometimes it means I will leave a particular piece for a couple of days or weeks then come back to it with a fresh mind. Thus, I cannot accept project that have strict time limit which will brock the creative process

What is your greatest indulgence in life?

Take adventures and make different mistakes.

What are some values and beliefs you live your life by?

Yourself as who you are is enough to create a happy and peaceful life.

Renli Su Girl Weinan Pan

Photographer Graphics & Direction: Nina Scott-Smith

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