This season in collaboration with Musée Roo, we have created Metternich inspired royal heirlooms, which embody our Spring Summer 2022 story The Emancipated Duel.

The famous Emancipated Duel was fought between Princess Pauline and Countess Anastasia, which supposedly stemmed from a disagreement in flower arrangements. The princess and the countess fought the duel topless to avoid infection, using only women as seconds and for medical purposes. They did not intend to fight to the death - they chose to fight first to blood.

The late 1800s were a difficult time for women’s rights in Europe, and the “Emancipated Duel” was understood through that lens. Across Europe, women demanded the right to vote, but this push for rights was seen as threatening. The Emancipated Duel carried a strong message about women’s capabilities which signified a terrifying new reality 10 men, who feared women taking control.

Roo comes from a background in History, her designs are inspired and informed by various historical artefacts, and the stories they contain. The Renli Su x Musée Roo collection uses references from 19th century Europe such as the duelling swords, locket hearts, and the scalloped royal family crest of the Metternich family.

Crafted using the ancient-rooted method of lost wax casting, the jewels have been hand-made by Roo in her studio in Bristol, England. Made from a combination of recycled white bronze, recycled sterling silver, glass citrine, and remnant white pearls, These statement jewels are made to last, for the conscious antiquarian to wear a piece of the past.

All jewellery featured in this article are available to buy from our London studio. To purchase from our wechat shop please contact the team directly.

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Musee Roo x Renli Su

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