Amy Wiggin

Bold colors, striking compositions, and a fearless spirit define the work of UK-based artist Amy Wiggin. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned within the contemporary art world. Her vibrant paintings are infused with a sense of energy and vitality, and draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, from the natural world and dreams and imagination. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the life and work of this talented artist, exploring her unique style, her creative process, and the themes that drive her art forward.

Hi Amy, Could you introduce yourself in a few words for those who may not know yet?

I am Amy Wiggin. I am an artist and illustrator and print maker.

 What are your first memories connected to art?

 Probably drawing at my mom’s kitchen table. I was always obsessed with drawing. Also, my grandma used to give us this bowl take away boxes and she used to tell us to pretend it was a fairy garden and we have to make our own with moss and stuff. I think that was the beginning of creating different fantasies and realities.

What are the secrets of your creative process?

I think that discipline is one of the pillars of creative success. You have to put in discipline every day and find that you are rewarded with self-gifts. Creative gifts.

 When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?

 I actually did a “proper degree” (laughs) first in English literature but I’ve always wanted to study art so I saved up and went back to study art on my late twenties. After that, I became an illustrator and now an artist.



 In previous interviews you’ve mentioned your art is inspired by dreams and the unconscious world, could you tell us more about this?

 A lot of my characters in my paintings come to me in my dreams. Particularly the lady horse ship. She is a character that came to me in dreams and asked me to be realised through my work. Also, men come to me in dreams. Different characters come and ask to be in them.  

 Our brand is inspired by dreams and fantasy as well. We think we have a common link in the inspirations. In your words, could you show particular pieces that have strong connections to Renli Su?

 I think her lady horse ship. I noticed similar energy to Renli Su. Especially when Renli talks about a character that inspired her for AW22 collection. I think she called her “The queen of magic” and that resonated with her lady horse ship who is a magical feminine force from another world. 

 Do you have a favourite artist or music that inspires your work?

 I am really inspired by Matisse. The colours and the patternicity quality. Also, Jean Dubuffet who started the “art brut movement”. Music wise, I like anything from classic to dance and rave music (laughs).

 What things outside of the creative sphere interest you?

 When I am not in here, which is not very often. I am either swimming in Hampstead Heath or walking in nature.

 Where do you like to hang round London?

 Mainly galleries. Probably my favourite is the Barbican art gallery, conservatory and cocktail bar.

 Do you have any plans for the future? Any exciting exhibitions we should know about?

 Yes, I have an upcoming show in June in Holborn and then in autumn I am taking my work to New York.


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