In the vast expanse of the digital landscape, where emerging artists are seeking their breakthrough moment, Dodie has captivated audiences with her heartfelt music and unfiltered vulnerability. With her distinctive voice, introspective song writing, and a dedicated online following, Dodie has emerged as a shining star in the world of independent music. From her humble beginnings as a YouTube sensation to becoming a celebrated singer-songwriter, Dodie's journey embodies the power of authenticity and the unwavering connection that music can forge between artist and listener. In this article, we will delve into the extraordinary rise of Dodie, exploring her artistic evolution, lyrical prowess, and the profound impact she has had on her fans worldwide.
Hi Dodie. Could you please introduce yourself for those who don’t know you?
Hi, I am Dodie. I make music and I write a lot about my own life, feeling deeply and enjoying every emotion that life has to offer.  I like writing with a lot of organic instruments, strings, clarinets and a lot of harmonies as well. 
Could you walk us through the process of how you developed your unique style and persona?
 When I started writing songs, proper songs, when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I started writing on the piano or keyboard. Then, I wanted learn how to play the guitar but it was too hard because it felt too big so I picked the ukulele instead because it had only 4 strings and I had 4 fingers.
What would you say were the key experiences that shaped you as an artist?
 Some of the things that have shaped my journey as an artist would be making videos online. I had a home in you tube and shared myself a lot. I spoke a lot of what I was experiencing growing up and the friends I had. When I hit a million followers, I think it was too big for my brain to handle. I had a birthday cake when I was 17 and I think around then I hit ten thousand followers and on the cake my mum had written “Here’s to a million”. I was like “ha, ha” but then when I hit a million, I remembered that cake. It is more about the community I have online and the people around me. It feels more wholesome to live in the real world on tour and see people’s faces rather than this.
Your music has been a part of so many fans life as they’ve grown up. What message do you hope people take away from your music?
I would hope that the message people took away from listening to my music will be maybe not to celebrate every feeling but experience it and be grateful for it. Writing about feelings that I’m not proud of, writing about mistakes was really difficult but I think I promised to be vulnerable and honest. Also, can’t help it. I think I just have to share how I am feeling so it was kind of scary to bring that outside of my personal life but I felt very safe writing about it in music rather than blasting it out online because I think I was shielded by lyrics and music.  People are very respectful.
How would you describe your music?
I think there are a lot of really upbeat songs, happy songs that have a darker meaning because that’s how I was feeling. I was feeling so disconnected and manic, outwardly trying to show that I was alive but feeling very bad inside. Sometimes feelings can be so isolating because it feels like you are the only one who has felt this way, but It’s not true at all. It’s is a shared experience for sure. I think a lot of people have felt the things that you feel which is really nice because it takes away a lot of the shame in it.
 How did you find the transition from you tube to playing live?
It was difficult at first to play live because I was so used to playing in my bedroom that bringing these songs out to the crowds didn’t feel right for a while. But then, overtime, I grew a lot more confident being on stage because it is so intimidating when you are holding a microphone and you are like “don’t look at me”. Everything that came out of my mouth felt so lame but then I grew up, got more confident. Also, people who were watching were so supporting, kind and very encouraging. That made me feel really safe so now I love it. I love it so much. I always want to be on stage.
How do you approach the styling and visual elements of your music videos? How do you match these two?
I said earlier that my music is very organic in some ways. I supposed it has textures, voices, clarinets, pattering’s. I like soft and organic textures in my music which I think it translates to clothes. I like wearing a lot of bits and bows, strings and I think in my music there is always flittering of similar things. There is a lot of strings and tie ups. I would wear this skirt on stage a lot because it is so big. It is fun, very playful, very dress up like. There is a lot of play. I like to play a lot. Celebrate feelings and stay in touch with my inner child. I think I really like to dress up like a big toddler sometimes.
There is a cardigan I’ve found in a charity shop and then I crocheted these little flowers onto it. I like a lot of flowers and textures and lace.
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