Renli expresses a sentimentality for the past through design. Her research is a combination of literature, nature and historical costume. Creating modern-day heirlooms for your everyday.



Selkie Mythology

Print Direction


The prints and embroidery for this seasons collection embody the underwater home of the Selkies; winged seals between kelp, underwater weeds, little spiral sea flowers and floating branches of prehistoric saltwater algae. Reminiscing of botanical studies, the print mixes fantasy and realism.







For the Autumn Winter 2019 collection, Renli Su was inspired by the mythical seal girls called Selkies. In folklore, Selkies are described as girls who live in the ocean, with the appearance of seals.

These amorous, affectionate and friendly creatures are transformed from seal to girl by their shimmering sealskin coat. Stories of the selkies describe how sea-girls often live on land and find love, sometimes even start a family. However, the sea is the home of the Selkies and the pull of their roots is strong. Eventually, they will return to their sealskin coat and dive back into the sea. Their daughters, even if born on land, will have their own seal coat from birth and soon they too will feel the irresistible pull to the water.