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For Spring and Summer 2021 Renli Su is inspired by the 18th century ballet ‘The Awakening of Flora’, which is set deep in the heart of a mystical forest.


The ballet is a story of two lovers who sleep peacefully in a forest whilst the moon and the nymphs watch over them.


Flore and her lover come into trouble with Aquilon, the ‘God of the North Wind’ as the forest darkens and the wind roars. The stage blackens. Suddenly, the appearance of Helios ‘The God of the Sun’ lights up the stage. Helios is then enchanted by Floras presence, she is crowned ‘Flora the Goddess of Spring’ as the forest comes alive.


Spring has arrived.


Flora and her husband are saved, Cupid, the Amours and the Nymphs all dance and rejoice at the lovers’ happiness.

In history Flora is the roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring who protects the early blossoms. Inspired by this poetic ballet, Renli draws inspiration from the art of dance for Spring Summer 2021. Silhouettes range from corseted blouses inspired by the 18th century costumes, to new contemporary draped silhouettes which are experimental, ruched and free for movement. Renli’s appreciation of the natural world is stronger now than ever, the collection is swarming with floral prints, embroideries and textures which are distorted, full and saturated. The floral textiles represent the various stages of growth and blossom of the wild flowers of the forest. The idea of growth and blossom are key elements for Renli this season.


When surrounded by darkness, the light of love and happiness will overcome the storm.



Photography: Mark Hibbert

Styling: Rachel Bakewell

Hair & Make up: Phebe Wu