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For the Autumn Winter 2021 collection, Renli Su drew inspiration from ‘The Ladies Scottish Climbing Club’ founded by Lucy, Jane, and Mabel in 1908.


The Ladies Scottish Climbing Club or the ‘LSCC’ was a group of adventurous defiant women who travelled to the highest peaks of the Scottish Highlands whilst wearing long restrictive skirts, petticoats, knickerbockers, and knee-length trousers that could be hidden under dresses. Banned from men’s mountaineering clubs, the LCC used a singular length of rope to perform their climbing feats. The rope being their only form of protection against Scotland’s most treacherous peaks.


Once free from the societal restrictions, high in the mountains, these women could enjoy true freedom amongst the beautiful Scottish landscapes.

“There is no sport like mountaineering. It is the overcoming of difficulties, the mental climbing, as well as the physical, that give it such a zest. The troubles of life seem to fade away in the presence of the everlasting hills. We may go out tired and worn in mind and body; we return renewed and restored: health re-established and friendships strengthened” – Jane Inglis Clark


Inspired by their spirit, the freedom of the mountains, and their courageous friendship, this season we celebrate LSCC who broke down the boundaries of society for women at this time.


Photography: Benjamin Werner

Styling: Rachel Bakewell

Make up: Erin Green

Hair: Kanae Kikuchi