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The Brave Angels: Virtutes, Lin Moniang, and You.

The story is about Traveler, Ocean and Angel.

Brave travellers on their voyage across the ocean. In an unseen world, angels are watching over them and blessing them. Made of grace and valor, they encourage the seafarers to become stronger, guiding them silently. Banishing their fear of the unknown.’


Photographer: Marc Hibbert
Stylist: Nina Walbecq

Makeup and hair: Yumi

Model: Katie Neels at Elite London

In 17SS, Creative Director Renli Su inspired by multiple mythical stories about the ocean and angels of bravery. The first story is from Christian mythological stories. According to Christian angelic hierarchy, Virtues are said to be the chief bestowers of grace and valor. Like a guiding light for humans feeling lost and dejected, they watch over nature and encourage humans. The second story is about Lin Moniang, which is the human name of Ma-tsu, the Chinese patron goddess hailing from Renli’s hometown of Fujian province in China. She was a goddess who was said to protect seafarers and fishermen out at sea. These mythological stories have a common thread of inspiration and hope when times are tough, and this was a focal point of Renli’s exploration. ​