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In SS2016 the use of colour in artworks Abstract subjects by Mark Rothko
Mark Rothko used pure colours extensively to express his intangible ideas. In Renli’s opinion, some of Mark Rothko’s works are moody and dramatic, some of them are direct and simple. They seek the mystery in human emotion beyond awareness and sensory experience.
Renli transferred these emotional/ rich/ sensitive/ abstract aesthetics to her design methodology. 

Photographer: Marc Hibbert
Make up and hair: Yumi
Model:Blue @Elite


The SS2016 collection is made of 70% silk. A wide range of silk fabrics are used in the collection. The designs complement the character of the fabrics used; reflecting the softness or hardness of the fabric, the different weaving methods and the organic dying methods used.
30% Cotton
In this collection, we continue to use fine quality organic cotton fabrics. They work very well together with silk for Spring/ Summer looks.