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This season we examine the connection between the lives of working-class women during the Victorian era and the clothes they worked in. We hope to provide a story and atmosphere for our customers, to remind them that despite new developments in synthetic fibres and digital printing, garments made from organic cotton and linen remain a valid choice.

Image Credit:

Photographer/ Mariona Vilaros

Make up/ Mai Kodama

Hair/ Ami Fujita

Although this season’s narrative originates in the work-wear of the Victorian working class, it also opens up a wide scope of possibilities.

Through the different personalities and backgrounds of our customers, every piece will age differently due to the nature of the fabrics and craftsmanship. We hope that each piece becomes to our customers a story of their own.

Hair/ Ami Fujita

Set designer/ Lora Avedian

Models/ Ena C&Akvile @ First