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RENLI SU’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is a continuation of the “Little Women” theme from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Its proposition is to deliver an independent female image which is strong yet feminine.

In new collection, RENLI SU continues to use only organic fabrics: traditional plain-woven summer fabric from China, hand-dyed block-printed organic cotton from India and an innovative cotton and linen blend from Ireland. In addition, two new fabrics have been selected for this season: Chinese silk and Tibetan yak wool.


Photographer: Marc Hibbert

Make up and hair: Yumi

Model:Astin @IMG

Chinese silk is a symbol of oriental culture and celebrated across the world for its quality and rich heritage, with a history spanning thousands of years. The fabric chosen for this season combines a fine jacquard-woven pattern with a floral print. The result is a textile of exquisite beauty and quality that complements and elevates the elegance of RENLI SU’s designs. The patterns are bold, natural and free-spirited, like the women that inspire this collection.

Tibetan yak wool has a gentle natural gloss, and has the benefits of being lighter, softer and warmer than sheep’s wool. With its tough yet gentle qualities, yak wool perfectly reflects the theme of this season’s collection. RENLI SU worked with a workshop in Tibet to provide the yak wool fabrics for this season.